Expertise Driving Business Goals

HHQ Ventures

The relationships among business, government and politics have never been more challenging or complex. At the same time, managing those relationships has never been more imperative for business success. Companies need a partner who not only provides unmatched intelligence, connectivity and counsel, but will also be by their side in the trenches every step of the way.

HHQ Ventures principals have worked for some of the most influential committees and members of the U.S. House and Senate, led innovative businesses and even served in Congress. We apply our unique perspective to help clients from a wide range of industries with federal and state advocacy, regulatory affairs, market analysis and business development.

Singular Focus on Business Goals:We know that our work is ultimately judged in board rooms and C-suites where the only thing that really matters is meeting business goals. Everything we do is geared toward ensuring that our clients reach their objectives, whether that’s growing their business through new opportunities or working to preserve or change the current environment.

Thoughtful Strategists Who Execute: Many firms are happy to provide advice without being willing to put in the time or effort to see it through. We are fiercely committed to not only helping clients develop results-oriented strategies, but also working every day to open doors and clear away obstacles to achieve those goals.

Outside-the-Beltway Perspective with Inside-the-Beltway Expertise: Increasingly, being locked in the “Washington Bubble” results in clouded perceptions that don’t account for the realities that exist outside of our nation’s capital. The HHQ Ventures team works in D.C. but lives in the real world. We combine that important perspective with deep relationships and knowledge for an approach that delivers results inside and outside the Beltway.